On behalf of my Mom, I just wanted to let you know I am sincerely grateful to you and your organization for your help with the Non- Service Connected Disability pension with aide and attendance application. The paperwork for this process can be overwhelming and very confusing. With your help and step by step instructions we were able to complete the paperwork correctly satisfying all of the VA qualifications to submit a fully developed claim. This resulted in my Mom receiving an award which is such a blessing, as it will help with her living expenses. Your dedication to helping veterans, free of charge, and your expertise and guidance in completing these forms is invaluable.

Again, thank you so very much. We appreciate all that you do.
Sally Elliott & Mother Betty Steinway

Thank you so much for your help.  As care takers, so often we are left on our own to figure things out and it can be so difficult and overwhelming while watching your loved one struggle with everyday tasks.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your helpfulness and kindness with getting my mom this benefit.  My dad didn’t take advantage of any of his veterans benefits so to have this now means so much to our entire family.  

Thank you again,
Lori DenBleyker

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how thankful I am for this wonderful organization and pension that my mother is now receiving. Mike Verble and his staff here in Nashville, TN have been excellent and have held my hand through this entire process. Mike was always available to answer any questions and he always followed up to make sure everything in the application process was going well. I have never had any relative in assisted living so this has been a true education.
Thanks to your organization, my mother (a surviving spouse) is now allowed to stay in the assisted living facility she is in, which is a wonderful place and atmosphere for my mother. Mike Verble and his staff walked me through the whole process and have been a huge support system for me and my family. I
have recommended your organization to many of my friends and I will continue to do so. Thank you so much for helping make this transition in her life a pleasant one. 

Cynthia A. Nokes

Thank you for being such an excellent resource for our families needing assistance applying for Aid & Attendance and needing a better understanding of the bigger picture of planning for long term care. It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to make the best decision when it comes to understanding Medicare, TennCare and VA benefits. Having both you as the veteran non-profit volunteer Advocate and the Verble Estate Preservation team with its estate knowledge is a significant benefit to those you assist.
You are an excellent speaker and resource to our community. You understand not just the non-service connected disability pension, but also the service connected pension, Medicare, Medicaid, and Advance Directives among other topics.

What a valuable resource you and your staff are to those you educate and help. As our team seeks to point veterans and their surviving spouses to the resources they need and the benefits they deserve, we know they are in good hands when they work with you. Thank you for the education and direction you and your team provide to so many.

Jane Ann Sage
Americare Regional Senior Living Coordinator

It was almost overwhelming when I needed to help my elderly mother transition into long-term care and then focus on her estate preservation. I had heard good reports about Mike Verble and his company. So, I called him and the rest is history. From our initial conversation and through the process, he went above and beyond to guide me with his expertise. I recommend Mike to anyone needing his professional services. You will be more than a statistic; you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. I believe you will be pleased. I am a satisfied customer.

Ralph Vaughn

As the one of the marketing associates at The Cumberland at Green Hills, I have met and worked with many different companies in the Nashville area. Verble Estate and Preservation is a company that we have referred to on several different occasions with several of our residents.

Mike Verble has been instrumental in “closing the backdoor” by handling resident’s finances and securing VA benefits which have allowed people to move to and remain at The Cumberland. The management team at The Cumberland feels confident that Mike will treat each of his clients with respect and confidentiality. Mike has even referred one of his clients to our community. It is a win-win relationship for both of us.

We appreciate Mike and his staff and the work that they do in money management and VA benefits. We highly recommend them as a valued resource for the


For years my family tried to work with public and private agencies to make sure we were managing our parents’ assets so that both our Mother and Father could have the care and support they needed. The family resources would eventually be depleted and we recognized the need for Medicaid. We were told that the only way for our Mom to receive financial assistance was to “spend-down” our parents’ assets. We “spent down” for years by paying privately for her nursing home expenses in excess of their income and depleted all their investments. We became dangerously close to not having enough financial reserves for our Father who is now in his late 80s. Our Father, though still active enough to visit Mom almost daily, is in failing health. We had to find a solution!

As a family we discussed our options. We were fortunate to hear about Verble Estate Preservation & Advisors. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing they have been to our entire family. From our perspective Mike performed a miracle! He developed an assessment of our parents’ financial, legal and social needs and developed a plan to re-organize our parents’ finances that allowed us to preserve the vast majority of what remained of their estate, yet allowed our Mother to receive Medicaid. The solution also protected the reserve funds we needed to plan for our Father’s eventual financial and medical needs as he ages. We can’t thank them enough for what they were able to do for the entire family!

As told by the family of Deborah McLachlan
Chattanooga, TN

Mike Verble is a godsend to senior citizens–better than family in my book.

Ernie Vantosky
Nashville, TN

You never realize how a single catastrophic event can change your life forever. Mike helped me get my life back. My relationship with Mike began with a phone call. I poured my heart out, and Mike said he could help. He came to my home and explained how he works with seniors.

Since our initial meeting, Mike has guided my family through the process of getting my husband admitted into a very good long-term care facility. As a full-time caregiver, I would never have had time to do all the research needed to make the best decision. Mike also has represented me at a hearing at the Department of Human Services. I didn’t have to worry about anything because Mike took care of everything. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Mike was an answer to prayer.

Pat McKennon
Bellevue, Tennessee